Letter from the President

Happy Spring, everyone!

During the last month, Flight has had several successful events, from happy hours to a diaper driv012e, but I’m most proud of the garage sale Flight Board Members Kathrine Brody and Laura Klein put together to benefit Vogel Alcove. Over the course of two days, these ladies, along with several other Flight members, helped generate over $1,000 for Vogel! Outstanding work!

Also during the last month, the Nominations Committee reviewed applications and interviewed all the potential candidates for the 2016-2017 Flight Board. The Committee’s slate will be introduced and voted on at the May Board meeting on May 18. All Flight Members are welcome to attend.

Finally, I hope to see you this Thursday, May 5, at the Omni Hotel downtown for Vogel’s Arts Performance Event featuring Earth, Wind & Fire. It will be a great night of music and raising money for an important cause!

Have a great month, and remember: we are working to end the cycle of homelessness–one child at a time.



Thanks to everyone who donated items or assisted with the garage sale fundraiser!

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