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If you are a young professional in Dallas, chances are you do more than just your 9-to-5 job. It makes sense, if you think about it: Texas is a mecca for young people, who get rewarding jobs and earn a good living, so it’s only natural they want to give back by volunteering, serving in positions of leadership, and cultivating meaningful relationships with like-minded people who are the future of this great city.

For those who have yet to make their marks on the Dallas charity circuit, we’ve created the ultimate cheat sheet to the top YP groups in town. Whether your passion is the arts, education, cancer awareness, or eradicating domestic violence or hunger, you’ll be exercising your civic duty quicker than you can say “benevolence.”

Flight YPO
Mission: This young professionals organization engages young professionals; creates awareness in the community for the plight of homeless children; and raises funds for Vogel Alcove, which provides free quality child development services for homeless children in Dallas.
Membership: $400 total membership dues or $34 monthly donation for 12 months. Married couples receive a discounted rate of $600 per couple or $50 monthly donation per couple.
Major fundraiser: 23rd annual Arts Performance Event with Diana Ross
Get involved: Join online or

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